About Johnson Tube Co.™

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    Our Company History

Johnson Tube Co.™, a division of Johnson International Industries, Inc. was originally established in Chicago, Illinois, as Seamline Welding Co., Inc.; the year was 1956.

Seamline occupied a fifteen hundred square foot (1,500 ft²) building, at Sheffield and Clybourn Avenue, on Chicago's North side. The company from its conception has been a manufacturer of stainless steel and nickel based alloy welded tubing and pipe, in both solid wall and perforated, serving a diverse group of industries.

Two years later, in 1958, the company moved to a new facility, twice the size of the original one.

Over the next five years, growth and success continued, and in 1963, a ten thousand square foot (10,000 ft²) building was acquired, at 2647 North Clybourn Avenue (Chicago, Illinois). This would be home for the next twenty-five years. As the company continued to grow, it quickly became an industry leader!

In 1989, the company opened an additional fifteen thousand square foot (15,000 ft²) facility in Grayslake, Illinois. With both locations, the company was able to expand its product offerings.

In 1994, with the purchase of an additional twenty-five (25) acres, in Grayslake, the planned construction of new facilities, and new tube and pipe producing equipment in the works, the company increased both their capacity and capabilities, strengthening their position as an industry leader. This new location, 10 Seamline Drive, Grayslake, Illinois, would become the new corporate headquarters.


In 1998 Johnson International Industries, Inc. was created, with its various divisions: Johnson Tube Co.™, Johnson Perforated Tube Co.™, Johnson Titanium Tube Co.™, Johnson Tank Co.™, and Johnson Welding Co.™.

Shortly following the creation of Johnson International Industries, Inc., Seamline's operations were integrated into Johnson International's various divisions.

In 2002 Johnson International Industries, Inc. started consolidating the various divisions into one, Johnson Tube Co.™.


     Our Company Today

Today, as Johnson Tube Co.™ continues to grow and expand, plans are underway to relocate our operations in the Southeastern United States, in either the State of Georgia or Florida.

This relocation, will not only allow us to expand our physical size, increasing our capacity, but will allow us to bring online, new "state-of-the-art" tube and pipe producing equipment, in-house slitting, and in-house perforating equipment, all made to our demanding specifications. This will allow us to increase our capabilities and offer a broader size range of tubing and pipe to our customers.

In addition, we are looking for a location that will have rail service, which will allow us to handle larger quantities of material, at a reduced cost, thereby benefiting our customers with shortened lead times and more competitive pricing.

With over fifty years of experience, the tradition of excellence continues!